Race a Dream


The creation of this charity literally came about through a dream I had. In the dream I saw a child chasing a cloud but the cloud just seems out of reach and drifting further away and the child becoming disillusioned. The child then put on some shoes that could propel it and eventually races pass the cloud and the child was happy and ecstatic.

That’s the dream in a nutshell.

The vision of “Race a Dream” charity is to give hope.

Hope that we can strive to achieve our dreams. We can achieve our goals and that we can be “active” participants in realizing and achieving our hopes and dreams – yes we can chase down our dreams. Yes we can race our dreams. We don’t have to be overcome by hopelessness, helplessness or disillusionment. There is a chance of endless possibilities.

The charity will also actively engages with the motoring industry and business to lend support to the efforts of Race a Dream as well as charities with similar objectives.

Funding or support raised through Race a dream will initially be used to help children up to the age of 17 years or children in dire need. This will be its primary beneficiary target.

The oversight board of Race a Dream comprises directors from Kwazulu Natal, Gauteng and Cape Town.

The official launch of Race a Dream will take place in December 2014 and details of the event will be posted on the various forums.