Final group of forums launched

Attention all:

Final group of forums launched and added to network.

We welcome the Nissan, Ford and Honda fanatics to our family as well as a brand new forum called UndergroundFanatics for the racing enthusiasts.

Our new forums have brand new administrators and moderators. We invite those that would like to help out as mods to drop us an email at [email protected]

Our intention is to focus on brand building in 2015 and to accellerate the growth of the various forums.

From The Fanatics Team.

Greetings and welcome to our new site!

The site was necessitated by the need for an all encompassing "portal" for motoring enthusiasts. We developed this beautiful home for easy reference and as a single stop of the best that South African motoring and the continent have to offer. It is also the beginning of creating a community of enthusiasts that cuts across brands, borders, loyalties and places the focus on our love and passion for cars.

The potential for advertisers, sponsors, marketers as well as the motoring industry to reach a broad audience through one portal has just been made so much easier.

We invite you to explore the new site and the various forums and hope that you will find something of value. As with all online communities; growth takes time but creating a home and value for members take even more time. Expect to see a few more changes and additions in the next few months.

We hope that our new home will become yours too.

Welcome to The Fanatics.

Welcome Black_Series

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Welcome Rishi

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